One of the main factors that will affect your success and ease when moving to a new place is the packing of your belongings, especially the smaller ones, which are the most common to pack.

In every move, the anticipation of previous situations that had happened like challenges is one of the points to have a greater emphasis because this will save your efforts and above all, it will avoid repeating the same mistakes that can later cost you more time, money and effort causing you more stress.

Packing is the initial step that you need to do when moving to your new home. The boxes are the most common object to be used since they are easy to get, move and fit in the transport vehicle for a greater use of the space. Cardboard boxes are the most relatively easy to get, either asking them to trade, who work a lot with this type of packing for their products or buying boxes for packing of recycled materials, whose price is lower.

Although if you want to load heavy objects to fit the load better in transport, you may be more interested in using plastic boxes, which you can borrow or rent as they are reusable. This type of box is more robust and easier to transport since the grips are more comfortable. Now if you have some other heavy objects to load or transfer to your new home, but space is not enough then a storage unit is strongly suggested especially if those items are climate sensitive. There are a lot of storage unit providers in Jacksonville whether you are near in the beaches or not. Car and boat storage are the common types. If you owned a boat and wanted to be safe and secured then a Jacksonville boat storage provider is suggested for you because this assures that your boat will be in good hands while not in use.

Here are some other moving tips for packing objects and appliances:

Get rid of everything you do not need: What better time than now to do a little cleaning in everything you plan to replace in the new home, such as curtains, decorations, pictures or you can do an inventory of something as changing the clothes to get rid of all that you will not use more because sometimes the old clothes stay in the back of the closet taking up space, and we do not want to use space of our move for something that we Will be useful.

Start with the bedroom rooms, which are those places where it is most urgent to unpack the move since they are more personal and necessary objects for our day to day, also, places like the living room or kitchen are more susceptible to changes, facilities, and the area of passage.

Correct distribution of space and weight in the boxes: You have to take into account that the weight of boxes that you fill. For example, large boxes should be filled with objects that are very bulky but weigh small, since after transporting a large box of heavy weight can be very expensive. Also, it is necessary to try that the objects do not have great mobility inside the boxes since in there are movements or shock between some objects and can have unforeseen breaks.

Labeling: It is imperative to label each box very well to know the objects you are transporting, and where you will unload it. You can organize the packing by the type of objects you are going to move by room or by importance.

Cleaning before storing: It is important to clean all your items before packing them because if not, it will mix with others and this is unpleasant when you are into a full moving.

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