One of the main challenges for a family that makes a move to a new home is the adaptation of children to the new house.
Parents do not generally take into account that the move is a big change for children because they must get used to their new home.
The smaller the children the more they will be affected by the move, as they will be leaving the site familiar to them and go to an unknown place. For this reason during the first days or months, children will feel lost and will miss their old house. Such discomfort can lead to some problems such as difficulty to sleep.

Maintain the Usual Routine

There are certain factors that must be taken into account when moving to a new home. Experts especially advise that children must maintain their regular routine and customs until they gradually adapt to their new home. They have to perform the same daily tasks performed in the former home for a while until the children become accustomed.

One way to make everyday activities do not change suddenly is taking the children to the same places, like school, sports club, the park and thus they will not suffer much with the change.

Get the Child Involved

Children normally do not participate in the decision to move to a new home and often do not understand what are the reasons for moving, so adults should understand that the process of adaptation in children may take longer. If the reason for the move is a family circumstance such as the death of a parent or a divorce, you should wait a while before making the move to minimize the impact on the children.

It would be good for parents to involve children in the decision process and preparation of moving such as in searching for the new house. In this way, they get used faster to change. Show them their new room, tell them what the advantages of the new home so they will become accustomed and appreciate your new home.

Prepare the Child Before the Move

You could explain to your child the process of moving home through a story, or another playful way for them to realize what is happening. Another good way for children to feel better about their new home is to leave their toys in the new empty house, this way, they will find their things every time they visit before the move. Another trick is to not completely change the child’s furniture, let the child adapt to his new room by surrounding him with familiar objects.

As for the moving day, it is best that children are not present, let them in school or at home of a relative or friend. Remember a move is a complicated process for smaller children and parents must take the necessary care to avoid the moving process a traumatic experience for them.

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