Starting a new stage in a new home involves moving personal objects and fixtures then installing them in the new location. Depending on the volume of objects to be moved, distance and other factors, such as the ease of loading and unloading items in buildings, the move will be more or less complicated.

However, there are other factors on which you can influence, so there are a number of fronts that you have to work to make the move easier, less expensive, safer and less troublesome due to damage and loss of personal and household items. The following are some of the tips that you can take to make your move smoother.

Prepare a Detailed Plan

To make a move, a plan is needed, which must be agreed with companies involved such as moving company, transporter, painters, and installers. Unfortunately, coordinating all the teams involved in setting up your new house is no easy task, being the most independent and working with more clients. For this, anticipation is the best ally, so one of the objectives is to start each task as soon as possible and thus avoid bottlenecks. For example, if you have to paint the walls, all tasks involving pulling cables or drilling holes in the walls should be done in advance.

Ask for Help

Moving plans are not easy to execute, so all help is always welcome. Whether it is people from our environment or a supplier who can do the packing, transportation, delivery and placement in the new home, it is appropriate to have all the people involved in moving avoid the last-minute rush or falling short. Rushing can sometimes cause problems such as breakage of objects or losses.

Program an Intense Session of Cleaning and Organizing

The first task of the move plan should always be an intensive session of organizing and cleaning, with the aim of making the whole process of transportation more efficient. Create an inventory and deal only with those items that have some utility in the new home. Moving objects that do not have a value from one home to another, only adds cost, space, time and effort to move.

Deal with Licensed and Competent Companies

The move must be made seriously and without accepting jobs from companies that are questionable and propose things like “I do not charge VAT”. It is also not advisable to work with people who are not registered. In the event of a problem, such as an accident at work or theft of valuables you are on your own if you agree to work with an unregistered company. Such incident can generate a rather complicated and unpleasant situation. The moving company should be able to manage the necessary permits for loading and unloading if it is a requirement for the localities of origin and destination.

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