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Choosing The Right Movers

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Considering the difficulty of tasks involved in moving, one of the practical options for an easier move is to hire a moving company. Once your need for relocation has been defined, request for a quote in advance. Ideally, contact them within 3 to 4 weeks before the move. It is also good to arrange a home visit with at least three removal companies and compare. Not all moving companies sign a contract with the client. That is why it is necessary to be extremely careful when choosing a removal company.

How to choose the right moving company

Ask for a price quotation

Find out not only prices but also the service and the degree of commitment that they establish in each case. They should provide a detailed breakdown of their quote. It is better that representatives from a removal company will visit your house to make a more accurate quote. Be wary of companies without a known location and with too low budgets. Quality and good service are usually pricey. However, think twice before accepting the most expensive package. Sometimes, you could be paying unnecessarily more.

Evaluate the company’s equipment and facilities

Check for the type of truck they use (what size, whether open or closed). Ask how they pack and transfer certain specific things. It is also important to know how they handle the most delicate object, dismantle furniture, clothing, etc. Inquire about the type of materials used for packaging (in case you hire this service). Reliable Jacksonville moving companies have the necessary equipment and storage facilities that will ensure the safety of your things. Of all these details will depend on the convenience of the budget received and its subsequent conformity.

Find out the approximate time they will take to make the transfer and the number of trips they will make. See also for practical details, such as what happens with the collation of workers. They may be leaving it in their hands.

Ask around for recommendation

Although the estimated budget is important, the good reputation of the company is more vital. Ask a review or recommendations from friends or acquaintances who have moved their homes and find out their experiences. Ask everything, about the quality of their moving services. If you make a mistake, you will check it too late. Your most precious items will already be bad to bring, or the company will not be held responsible for delays.

How to prepare for the move?

Once the company is chosen, reserve a truck several weeks in advance for the date of your move, especially if you move to another city.
Consider the time of year. Summer is a time widely used for transfers, especially during school holidays. Within that time, the weekends are the most requested especially for office movers. Check if there is a surcharge for it. If you change in the holiday season, with more reason, then do not leave your truck reservations for last minute. The transfer in winter has some disadvantages; From uncertainty about the weather to the difficulty of keeping the house adequately heated during the first few days of the hustle and bustle.

If the changeover date is unavoidable, make sure that the company you are hiring has closed trucks, to prevent possible rain.

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Packing Tricks When Moving in Jacksonville

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One of the main factors that will affect your success and ease when moving to a new place is the packing of your belongings, especially the smaller ones, which are the most common to pack.

In every move, the anticipation of previous situations that had happened like challenges is one of the points to have a greater emphasis because this will save your efforts and above all, it will avoid repeating the same mistakes that can later cost you more time, money and effort causing you more stress.

Packing is the initial step that you need to do when moving to your new home. The boxes are the most common object to be used since they are easy to get, move and fit in the transport vehicle for a greater use of the space. Cardboard boxes are the most relatively easy to get, either asking them to trade, who work a lot with this type of packing for their products or buying boxes for packing of recycled materials, whose price is lower.

Although if you want to load heavy objects to fit the load better in transport, you may be more interested in using plastic boxes, which you can borrow or rent as they are reusable. This type of box is more robust and easier to transport since the grips are more comfortable. Now if you have some other heavy objects to load or transfer to your new home, but space is not enough then a storage unit is strongly suggested especially if those items are climate sensitive. There are a lot of storage unit providers in Jacksonville whether you are near in the beaches or not. Car and boat storage are the common types. If you owned a boat and wanted to be safe and secured then a Jacksonville boat storage provider is suggested for you because this assures that your boat will be in good hands while not in use.

Here are some other moving tips for packing objects and appliances:

Get rid of everything you do not need: What better time than now to do a little cleaning in everything you plan to replace in the new home, such as curtains, decorations, pictures or you can do an inventory of something as changing the clothes to get rid of all that you will not use more because sometimes the old clothes stay in the back of the closet taking up space, and we do not want to use space of our move for something that we Will be useful.

Start with the bedroom rooms, which are those places where it is most urgent to unpack the move since they are more personal and necessary objects for our day to day, also, places like the living room or kitchen are more susceptible to changes, facilities, and the area of passage.

Correct distribution of space and weight in the boxes: You have to take into account that the weight of boxes that you fill. For example, large boxes should be filled with objects that are very bulky but weigh small, since after transporting a large box of heavy weight can be very expensive. Also, it is necessary to try that the objects do not have great mobility inside the boxes since in there are movements or shock between some objects and can have unforeseen breaks.

Labeling: It is imperative to label each box very well to know the objects you are transporting, and where you will unload it. You can organize the packing by the type of objects you are going to move by room or by importance.

Cleaning before storing: It is important to clean all your items before packing them because if not, it will mix with others and this is unpleasant when you are into a full moving.

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Basic Tips On Planning A Move

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Organize a Moving Agenda

Maintain a written schedule of moving. Weeks before the move, start planning by making a list of everything that needs to be done from acquiring boxes, labels, tape, etc. until when to start packaging.

Get as many boxes

Purchase enough boxes and tape because you’re going to need more than you can imagine. Folding boxes can be bought at DIY stores or from supermarkets or another type of store.

If you have hired a removal company, ask them if they provide boxes. Keep 10 to 15 empty boxes for last minute items such as bed linen from the last night before the move, food from the fridge, cleaning utensils, etc.
If you live in St. Johns County, Florida, there are Ponte Vedra movers that can help you with this task.

Use your bags

Bring out all your luggage, backpacks and bags in the house and fill them with more personal items like seasonal clothing, toiletries, children’s stuffed animals, bedding and things you will need from the first day in your new home

Organize the boxes visually

Use color coordination to make it easier for the movers and shakers to know where to place each box in the new home. Even professional movers such as T&E Moving Company will find such scheme helpful. Put stickers of different colors in each box, for example, yellow for kitchenware, blue bathroom, lilac bedroom, red living room, etc. Use the same color coding scheme when you reach your new house. Put stickers of the same color on the door of the room where it corresponds each box.

Organize articles by categories

Arrange items that go together during the packaging process. For example, lamps with their corresponding bulbs, cups with saucers, hand shower with its holder, etc.

Moving and children

A move can be especially complicated if you have children because moving from one home to another can be traumatic for children, especially if the new home is in another city. Try to involve your kids in the moving process, by making cheerful boxes for them so they can put their personal things on themselves.

Tell them to choose what things they want to be able to take out the first day in the new house from a book or special toy to their favorite sheet, records, computer and put them in their personal box. The more you involve them in the move, the sooner they will accept it. However, if you have infants or toddlers ask for help so that you can focus your attention on your kids. For more moving assistance and information visit

Empty your fridge before the move

Packing and transporting food can get messy. That is why it is better to plan your meals a week before the move so that the fridge will be empty on the day of the move.
If you are planning to bring food while traveling, put perishable foods in a cooler so that they will last longer. Check this article on “How to Pack a Cooler to Prevent Food Poisoning.”


Start as soon as possible

Begin the process of saving items in boxes as soon as possible. If it is the winter, keep clothes and accessories of summer weeks before the move, also keeps books, toys, CDs kitchen articles, etc.

If you have to clean the house after emptying it, try to overtake during the days before the move, because once empty, you will want to dedicate how many before to your new home. Clean the interiors of closets and drawers before the day of the move, and have someone follow the steps of the moving workers with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the rooms as they remain empty.

Take care of your valuables

Pay particular attention to your valuables and try to make room in the car so they can travel with you. These items include not only jewelry but important papers, passports, receipts, personal agendas, telephone lists, etc.

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